Friday, February 29, 2008

Why Thailand?

Why Thailand?

Well, it feels right! Once we heard about Mongolia's changes we looked at all our options. We had planned on going to Mongolia before the year end, so this took some adjustment to our thinking. We knew we still wanted our son, where ever he is.

Once we talked to our Rep at Holt we knew that Thailand's adoption program fit us just as well as Mongolia. Financially is was do-able and the time frame was not as long as we originally had thought. With a bit of paperwork tweaking this month, we should be playing the waiting "game" with Thailand. Holts Sahathia Foundation has had long standing in Thailand. The children adopted through Holt are all in foster care. They have boys and girls available 14 months and up. The trip to Thailand is about 8 days, maybe a few more. Once our Dossier is in Thailand, we wait 1-6 months for approval and a match. Once we accept the child we wait another 4-8 months to travel.

YES- it does seem like a long time from now, but we have patience! What matters is the end result! A family of 4..............


First Update

Hello Friends and Family!

As many of you know, our plans to adopt another child started just after AbbyLiz was placed in our lives. Traveling to China, becoming parents, having an absolutly wonderful daughter of our very own are all dreams come true. We feel so blessed to have AbbyLiz in our lives and feel we have so much more love to share. Our new dreams are to add to our family, a son.
In january 2007 we began to gather our documents to adopt a boy from Mongolia. We chose Holt International and had our dossier complete and in Mongolia in August of 2007, with hopes of a 2008 referral. In January 2008, Holt has advised us of Mongolia's new policies. We were told families with children adopted from other countries were no longer being accepted by the Mongolian Government. Our dossier would most likely be denied. Holt advised us to look at other programs they offered. To our surprise, Thailand fits our family well. Our local social worker and Holt have agreed to help us transfer our documents to Thailand.
So, that is where we are...........preparing our documents for Thailand. We hope to have our dossier in Thailand this spring and hope to travel to our son next year.

We are a happy family of 3! Kevin and I adopted Abby in June of 2004 with Families Thru International Adoption. Adopting Abby was an experience we could never forget. She is 4 and a half now acting more like she is 7. She is in preschool and also has taken dance for 2 years. Soon she starts T-ball and is a bundle of fun.

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The McMahons
Kevin, Kathleen and AbbyLiz