Saturday, October 24, 2009

The leaves are falling!

The leaves are falling! These past few weeks have been tough with all of us being sick, Shaun and Mommy getting the flu! Let me just say.....we made it! We are all feeling MUCH better now and just so glad to have it passed us. I have spend a better part of the past 3 days with loads of laundry and disinfecting just about everything in the house.
The kids had fun with our leave piles! We have 2 large Ash trees in our yard that grace us with a couple days worth of racking! As always, we made huge piles for the kids and let them have at it. It is one of my favorite things of the fall and I cannot help but remember all the fun I had doing this as a kid. Shaun got right into it as soon as he say his sister in action!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1 and 1/2 and doing great!

Happy together!
Shaun is doing GREAT! He turned 18 months yesterday, which we celebrated in a small way, with colorful ice cream for dinner and a little singing!

(we did not get to celebrate Shauns 1st birthday, so this was a special day for us and him)

What else can I say other than go on and on about how lucky and blessed we are. We have the best kids! It is awesome, our family of four! It 's hard to believe that tomorrow, Shaun will be with us for 2 months. He has done so well adjusting to us, probably better that we have adjusted to having a BUSY toddler in the house. He is sleeping GREAT (12 hours a night+ 2 hours of a nap) and eating GREAT (everything he can get his hands on) and enjoying being part of our family. He is mostly all smiles and is babbing A LOT! He says ABBY for everything, but this morning I finally got a mommeeee again. You can tell he is practicing his sounds, he humms and sings....although it is his babble it is so fun and amazing to witness. He is silly, so silly he keeps Abby laughing and he is starting to learn to be a little more patient and not getting upset when he doesn't get his way. He is really just the sweetest boy. I REALLY enjoy being home with him day to day. Again, I am blessed and lucky to be able to do so.