Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Anqing Sisters!

A special treat for Abby was a visit from her Anqing Sister, Lucy Rae.
These two girls were born just a week apart in the same town in China (Anqing City). They spent their first 10 months together at the Anqing SWI while we (their parents) waited together. At the time we were living in Evansville,IN. We knew Carol and Chris and stared the process at exactly the same time. I will never forget the shock seeing them at the very first informational meeting we attended at FTIA. Carol and I grew close while we waited, always wondering if our girls were together. Well, here they are...........5 years old! Aren't they beautiful! They see each
other only once a year, but you would
never know it.

Two peas in a pod is what I think we first started calling them. What a special friendship!
The same height! The same weight!
The same stride!

Totally unique....................

Lucy Rae and Abby Liz
Anqing Sisters
King's Island Mason, Ohio

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Longs Retreat!

We enjoyed the weekend at Long's Retreat in Latham, Ohio. It was a quick 2 hour drive from home. We found this place on the Internet and had no idea if it was going to be like. (Internet pics can be very deceiving!)
Well, we had a blast! Lots of fun and relaxation. Abby had a fun time having Mom and Dad all to herself and we enjoyed the down time with her. She surprised us in so many ways. She is starting to be more brave and as you can see in the photos she had her very first go-cart ride with Dad and went on a water slide all alone. She is really growing up fast, she even took a few excellent pictures of Mom and Dad. The three of us even took an hour on a paddle boat!
This was our first real camping trip, just the three of us. We use to go all the time before we became parents and we are glad that we decided to do this with Abby. We plan on making a trip out to this retreat every year. Next year she can bring a friend and have an even better time.
What a great weekend away from work, laundry and the normal.................

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Three Months waiting........

Three months waiting..................just times that by 5 and we might have our little boy! I have to admit at times the wait is hard, but most it is okay. We have learned to be patient and wait our turn. I try to remember that by now our son could be in this world and that he is waiting for us too. Our time will come, we are certain. Today Abby and I found a stuffed Elephant for Shaun. It is soft and sweet, we'll be sending it to Shaun when we find out where he is.

Yesterday was my Birthday, I am 29 again! My cell phone rang off the hook with calls and messages from family and friends, Thank you for remembering my special day. I had a great relaxing day with Kevin and Abby. We are all at our best when we are lazy. It was a wonderful day! Abby made me not one, but two cards. All glittery and beautiful! She and Dad gave me a beautiful water fountain for my garden. I love it and cannot wait to have it working. I am anxious to sit in the yard, close my eyes and listen to the water.

Abby's birthday is next, in September. Then Dads is in October. I wonder where Shaun will fit his birthday? July??........November???

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Soccer Star

Abby had her very first soccer practice last week. She is very excited to be on the team with her friends Caitlin and Alicia (twins from preschool class)
9 kids on the team (6 girls, 3 boys)
We had a great time picking out her own soccer ball, cleats and shin guards. As you can see from the pictures, she chose pink cleats and pink shin guards! I didn't even know they made them in pink! Much has changed since my soccer days............I might have chosen pink too,
at 4............almost 5.
Kevin and I enjoyed watching her participate in practice, she can be such a goof! What surprised us and her coach was her ability to use both feet. Abby is a lefty, but in sports she uses both with no difficulty. At the end of practice they had a scrimmage, while all other players bunched up, she spread out and yelled for them to pass it to her. Her coach asked if she had ever played before...........................I guess she was listening to me in the back yard the day before! Huh.......
We look forward to watching her this season. It brings so many great memories back to me from when I played and my parents watched from the side lines, they were pretty faithful when it came to my soccer. I kept thinking of the way my Dad would yell "that's my boy!".
At the time I hated the title, I am a girl after all. But I look back now and realize that my Dad really enjoyed watching me play, he just liked to raze me! In his "older generation mind" girls were supposed to wear dresses and knit, not play soccer, especially a goalie!
Times certainly have changed! Soccer is so much more popular now.
Enjoy the pics, I am certain that there will be many more of our soccer star on here this fall!