Thursday, September 25, 2008

update!!!!!!! :)

Well, things are going just as planned with the Thailand program. It is still consistent to when we started and we are so happy about that! We should be hearing about Shaun sometime between March and June. Too many factors to know for sure, but I have a good feeling! I have been saying March for a few months now, I just feel it.

So we gladly take the good news! Sure we have to re-do some things, but we've done it all before! It's hard to believe we started the process for him long, long ago. It's amazing where time takes us. From Mongolia to Thailand...................

Abby told me the other day that Shaun was born in June..........? What do you all think? Any feeling out there yet? I do feel him in my heart. I am starting to "miss" him, just the way I "missed" Abby before we met her. He has entered my dreams, and I love him already. I just cannot wait to see his face, see his eyes and hear his sounds.

We talked about him with Abby yesterday, about the update. She seems so comfortable, so healthy and honest in her thinking. I am no longer sorry for telling her about the adoption. She is a big part of why we are doing it and to hear her thoughts, just adds to mine. She is feeling him in her heart too..........

Here are some silly, cute adorable pics of Abby yesterday in the yard. Kev and I think she is just so beautiful and seeing her in these pics makes us realize the size lock we will have to get when she turns into a teenager! (SCARY)


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When the wind comes.......

When the wind comes and blows all the apples off your tree..........................why not spend the day making APPLESAUCE!!!!
Abby had no school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday because we got hit with high winds that brought down a ton of trees and power lines on Sunday afternoon. Most of Southern Ohio lost power, some still don't have it (it is now wednesday afternoon). We were lucky not having any major tree breaks or any other damage. But let me tell you, it was scary! I have never experienced wind like this, ever! We watched our neighbors shingles fly right off their roofs, trees split and some large pines fell over root ball and all. We even have a large trampoline in our neighborhood that wrapped around a telephone pole! Thankfully we have not heard of anybody being hurt, what a blessing.

Apples Apples everywhere................
Made our house smell sooooo good!
Abby and Mommy's Applesauce!

This was the first time I have ever canned won't be the last! Next year..........I think I will have a veggie garden!

Monday, September 8, 2008


First Day of School, Friday September 5.
It rained on Abby's first day of school, but she went on the bus just fine. It picks her up right on our corner. We still aren't sure exactly what time, we almost missed it on the first day!

Today, she got home a bit earlier, but not on time. I guess we will have to let the buses get it all squared a way in the first couple of weeks. This morning we went out ten minutes before we were told and still missed it! Luckily he passes our house 2 or 3 times so he did pick her up at about 10 after.

This pic is of her getting off today, she had another great day at school!

Saturday she had her first soccer game and team pictures (minus 3 players)

They do not keep score at this age, but Kev said they won like 7 to zip!



ps. we have been waiting another month! 4 months down!

Monday, September 1, 2008

5 and full of energy!

The princess cake (made by Mommy)
Abby and friends..Lucy, Abigail, Izzy, Caitlin, Abby Liz,Cait, Christa, Caroline, Alicia and Zan
(missing from Photo Meckenzie and Lei-lei)

Happy to be 5!

Abby Liz

For weeks she has been waiting for finally be five like all her friends. It was soo hard being just four! Abby had her party this weekend, a PRINCESS PARTY!

12 girls in all, she had a wonderful day! With all her friends around her, making crowns and just being silly. What a beautiful day! She was proud to wear her new dress her Aunt Sharon had made for this special day. The color fits her so well, I could not help but think it should be the color of her prom dress some day..............silly of me, I know!

Tomorrow is the official day, the day she was born in China on a cool summer morning. I will tell her the birds were just starting their songs, the sun was just peaking from the horizon. It was a special day, September 2, 2003. The day she was born to be our daughter from another land. We will also think of her bith parents and how they made a choice. A choice that may have brought them great sorrow, but at the same time brought us hope and joy. We thank them for giving Abby life. With out them, Abby would not be, and we would not be the wonderful family we are.

Abby Liz, ..............wo ah ni