Friday, May 29, 2009

UPDATE 2/27/09

Do I even need to mention just how handsome our little man is????? These were taken on 2/27 (the day after our 15 year anniversary!)
He is doing GREAT!!! Looks very happy and healthy......developmentally, right on target.
I am a bit shocked to have gotten this today.....we were expecting to MAYBE get another update toward the end of, it's early! YIPPEEE
Travel...........that's next....OMG!! TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL !!!!!!
God chose 2 beautiful children for us, what a blessing. Everything that we have gone through as a married couple wanting so bad to have a family, was SSSOOOOOOO worth it! We have one heck of a daughter, and I can see the same character in my sons eyes! I just love my family!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Golden Chalice!

The Coveted Golden Mongolian Chalice
Ok, so Kevin works for a restruant that is high on friendly competition. He has only been with the company for a few years and already is high on the list of "the one to beat" . Last year Kevin was very anxiuos to win "The coveted Gloden Mongolian Chalice" The store that sells the most Gift Cerificates in the year. Well, he did it! He has a great team and working together they brought the Chalice to Ohio! It has never been out of Michigan State, so this is a huge victory for Kevin, his team and his franshice! After waiting and waiting, Kevin finally collected the trophy!
But........once he saw the shape it was in, he was pretty disappointed. He felt like he didn't even want it in the store....
WELL, once he got permission to "Clean it up" he knew I was the one for the job! It was obviously hand made, maybe in the original owners garage! Still, I tried to treat it like gold. So, i went to work....and this is the result! Kevin really likes it, and really that is all that matters.....isn't it?
Hopefully it will stay in Ohio year after year......and YES I think Kev should send the before and after pictures to all the GMs in Michigan.....telling them that we take care of special things in OHIO......

On the adoption end:
We have not heard anything else since Shaun's birthday. Hopefully we will be getting another update in June....maybe even news about travel. I am really hoping to travel sooner than later.....for obvious reasons, of course.
But I would really like to travel before Abby starts first grade. Even though she will be staying behind, I just feel like it would be better for everyone. Also, the weather. Ohio has a great end of summer and a even better fall. I cannot wait to bring Shaun to the park, spend quality time in the yard as we get to know each other. Being stuck in the house this winter with a "new" baby doesn't soound like much fun. Even I get "cabin fever".......