Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun

Abby wasn't feeling well on Christmas eve, so we let her open a few gifts from Family and then by 8:30 she was in bed dreaming of sugar plums!
With a little coaxing.............(I had to stand outside her door with jingle bells) she woke about 8:15 feeling much better knowing that Santa did come visit her. She said she even heard his sleigh bells........................hmmmmm!
We had a great family day opening gifts and playing! Abby loves all her gifts and should be pretty busy for the rest of her break from school! She cannot wait to show her friends all the toys Santa left for her! No coal for this little one, she is always such a good girl!
Hope everyone had a great Holiday!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

7 month Stretch!

Abby 2 years ago! One of my favorite pics!
Well, another month has passed! Sometimes they go by fast and this was one of them. It's good to have the Holiday season in the middle of an adoption wait..........sometimes. Abby keeps us busy, as well as work and friends. I can only hope the rest of the wait will be the same. I don't want to say it isn't hard, but it is much easier having Abby with us. Waiting for her was so hard, but well worth it. Like my sister said the other day, good things come to those who wait! I can only agree! All in all we waited 10 years for Abby, we will wait what ever is needed for Shaun.
We are now 5/6 in! That's sounds great doesn't it! Actually it is, but remember, that is just for a referral. We wait another 6-9 months after for travel. Waiting 6 weeks for Abby was hard, I can only imagine what lies ahead.
7 months into our wait for Abby, we got the call...........then in 6 weeks we had her in our arms.
So.............., everybody out there waiting with us! Stand up, it's the 7th month stretch!
We can do it!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fun pics

Abby and Dad ventured to the attic to get all our decorations down! (I remember doing this too, with my Dad) She thought it was such a huge deal, climbing the latter after Dad and then Mommy taking the latter away! Ha Ha! Mom's "Turkey" Apple pie. This is only my second ever Apple pie! Thanks to my little sister in law, Alison for teaching me how! This time, I added a "turkey" for the crust!
Abby web cam-ing with Grandma and Grandpa in China! She absolutely loves this! What a great way to see faces and hear voices of family we miss so much. Thank you for the "gobble-gobble" song, G and G. We loved it!

It has been a "sick" couple of weeks here, except for Abby! She is such a trooper dealing with a sick Daddy and Mommy. She has taken good care of us, since these colds are kicking our butts!
She even offered me her silky the other!