Monday, June 30, 2008

photos from China, 4 years ago

Our fabulous memories of China! We took so many pictures (over 1400) it was hard to pick just a few. So I picked some of my favorites, sorry they are not in any kind of order!
Abby and Grandma!
Abby and Grandpa
"Just checkin out my hand Mom"
Ah, Daddy, your so sweet!
Laughing it up with Mom!

First family photo Abby sleeping her first night with us
Getting to know her "silky and Zhu"
Anqing City Orphanage
Red Stamps
Guangzhou airport

First sight of Abby Liz

A new Dad!

A new Mom!
No cries, just curious looks!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

>>Happy Adoption Day<<
Abby Liz
!!!!4 years ago today!!!!

Four years ago today, Abby Liz officially became our daughter!!!
On this day we finished our adoption paperwork for China and received our adoption decree. Abby's foot was dipped into red ink and stamped along with our finger prints, what memories!
She was such a good girl that morning, resting on Daddies shoulder most of the time. But, when it came time for our "official" family photo, she was not a happy girl. I remember this well, because it was really one of the only times she cried!

I also remember taking her to the pool on this day! She wore an American flag bikini and obviously had never been in a pool. Once I showed her how to splash at Daddy, she loved it!

Next Sunday we celebrate with our friends , our dear friends that we have met through Adoption. Along with Abby, I could now not imagine having them in my life. Abby has a very special relationship with each of the four girls and we hope they stay friends for many years. This is also our fourth years as friends and it is very special to all of us.

It has to be said just how grateful we are. Abby Liz was made FOR us, we have no doubt. From the way she rolls her eyes to the way she puts her index finger on her cheek in deep thought!
She is a precious gift!

***Funny story.....I told Abby that she can now say that she is 4 and 3 quarters, instead of 4 and a half. Well she is
a little stressed at the fact that her friend is 5 and has been 5 since March, while she is still 4. So I thought telling her to say 3 quarters would help her cope with "beig just 4". Well, she says to me yesterday........."Mom, When Zan (her friend) turns six in March, will i be 4, 3quarters 2 dimes and a nichel?"

Gotta love it!

Have a great June 29th everyone!

Friday, June 27, 2008

4 years ago, Labor started!

"Soon to be Parents!!! Just landed in China."
(not looking our best!)
"A Crib and a stroller in our hotel room, this made it even more real!"

It was just 4 years ago today that we landed in China for AbbyLiz. We settled into a hotel in Guangzhou for just a few hours then took flight to Hefei City to meet our beautiful daughter. It is a special time for our family this weekend! Tomorrow is our GOTCHA DAY :) !!!!

4 years ??? Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems like minutes, some times A LOT longer. I am so proud and honored to be Abby's Mom. And I know Dad is proud too! She has brought so much joy to our lives in four short years, it's hard to remember a time without her.

Today, I think of the anxiety I felt that night in Hefei, the fear of the unknown. How hard it was to sleep that night knowing our daughter was waking early to take her journey.

I'll save the details for this weekends blog :)


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Butterfly Show

A little late in my posting, I know! Abby and I went to the butterfly show with some friends last week. It was so much fun! They sprayed our fingers with Gatorade to attract the butterflies.

The show was decicated to ASIA this year so there were all kinds of butterflies from China. What a great time with Abby!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's visit!

Well, this weekend we had Abby's other Gramda and Grandpa here! They were able to see Abby in her dance recital, which was a real treat for us all. As usual Abby soaked up all of their attention, and Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed it too!