Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!

Our annual picture of Abby Liz on dad's shoulders in front of our blooming trees
Abby w/ Friend Jayden...they had a fun day together after school last week..
aren't they just too cute!


Well, we have been busy! Now that the weather is nice, we are challenged with not only keeping up the inside, but also outside! Kevin has mowed the lawn twice already! We had to seed some areas due to our dry summer last year. The dandelions have taken control :) I am sure we are looked down upon from our neighbors with the perfect lawns, but OH WELL, we are getting our little boy! It seems silly to waste money on lawn chemicals at this time...
Shaun's room is ready! The crib is up and dressed! It is such a nice, peaceful space. We really hope he likes it. I already feel bad for him because his room is so much smaller than his sisters, but he is a boy after all ( much less stuff)and we do not plan on living in this house forever....
I have done very well with NOT buying everything. I look back and think of all the things I bought for Abby that she never touched, didn't fit, or wasn't needed. I am trying not to make the same mistakes. The only things I can even think of absolutely needed are a car seat and a baby gate. Everything else we either have or we will wait on. Size matters at his age and until I have him in my arms, I have no idea.....so I am not purchasing much now.
The hardest part is finding places for the things that have been stored in his room for the past 4 years. It has made me realize just how unorganized we really are here. I am starting to feel that some nesting is in order. Since Grandpa is coming in June, it gives me an extra push to get it done.
Abby has only 6 weeks left of KINDERGARTEN!!!! Time really flies! Soon she will be a 1st grader and it will be such a change to have her gone all day. I know she is looking forward to it, but not me. I am really going to miss her come the fall. Hopefully we will be back from Thailand and I will have Shaun to keep me company! (this is my wish!) It sure will be strange carrying that diaper bag again....a blue one this time!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A day with friends!

Kindergarten concert Abby and class
At the park with friends Caroline, Izzy and Abigail

Dinner with a buddy!

Abby and Jayden, Dusty the funny bunny concert!

What a great day we had on Thursday! A trip to the park, dinner with friends and then a kindergarten concert! It cannot get better than that!
Abby had her first concert at school, they wrote a song about a classmates bunny, Dusty!
It was very cute! Each class voted on a topic and then the kids took a few weeks to write a song! A musician at school put everything to music and it sounded super! Very professional!
These kids are great, such personalities!
No stage fright to be seen!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

OpryLand Hotel

So, If you've never been to OpryLand Hotel in Nasville, TN......put it on your list! ( we are NOT country fams at all.....but this City is so nice! Very clean and super friendly!)
We have been here since Sunday and have been enjoying every minute of this beautful wonderland! We have gotten lost a few times in the Hotel, it is just soo huge!
Enjoy the pictures....I have lots more to share later! We are headed out to do some girly stuff! A view from the Cat walk in one of the three Atriums
We met this couple yesterday.....so friendly!

Like being in the tropics!


On one of our adventures! Just walkin around looking at all the pretty flowers!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday! Update! and.....opening day!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday, Dear Shaun!

Happy Birthday to you!

Today is a special day to say the least! Today is our little boy's 1st Birthday! Although he is not with us physically, he is definately with us in every other way! We wish we could be with him today to hug him and squeeze him, to sing to him and make him laugh....but this is not our time.

Today we received an update that was done in late 2008. He HAS grown and looks very happy!

For the first time we see him with his Foster Mother and it makes me realize what changes will be taking place, not only in our lives, but in thiers as well. He is clean, a bit chubby (atleast to me anyway!) and he looks very, very, very happy.
His deep eyes say it all......he has my heart! Gosh I just want to leave NOW!
and......, Today is MLB opening day! May the Yankees have the greatest year ever! :)