Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pumpkin FUN!

We went to Trenton, Ohio today for the opening fall festive at Barn n Bunk!
We had so much fun with the kids and it was so nice to be outside after almost a week staright of rain.
This place is great! We know about it because a few years ago we went with Abby's preschool class. We will go every year we are in Ohio....we love it!
The kids picked their own pumpkins, went through the hay house, went in the bouncy houses, rode scooters, we all did a horse drawn hay ride. We also slung shot apples and fired of corn......The best part by far was the large corn maze and the cart to pull the kids (and pumpkins) to the car on our way out!
We left with some graet photos, fun memories and 77 pounds of pumpkins!
I think this year, I have the largets pumpkin I have ever had!
Just gotta love days like this!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fun Times!

Making pea eyed meatball monsters....
Making a mess with meatballs mashed potatoes and peas!
What's it like with two kids at home?????

Aren't they just the silliest? Boy,... do these two go together bologna and cheese, maybe???

Shaun with his "yankee-blankee"...
every morning, Shaun trots out of his room carrying his blankee! It is the cutest thing ever!
It stays by his side most of the day and when we travel he caries a 12X12 swatch of the fleece! Funny to think I bought this fleece about 6 years ago......I must have known!

Big Sis! Abby Liz is really enjoying reading to Shaun! This is perfect practice for her and just stepping back and listening to her is so sweet!
Well, approaching our 7 week mark of being home and I have to say that life is GREAT! Everyone has adjusted very nicely and we are on schedule, which is SOOOO IMPORTANT!
Shaun is such a sweet boy! He is showing us so much more everyday! He loves anything we give him to eat. He has done well with out a bottle and is just using a sippie cup. Nothing at night and wakes up just once if he is wet! He sleeps most nights from 8pm to 7 am. He is napping everyday for at least 2 hours.
He can say, Mama, Daddy, Abby, ball, boo, and crabby (Abby has a a new pet hermit crab!).
He babbles constantly and points to everything. He can blow kisses, gives kisses, give hugs and waves bye-bye. Also, if you ask him where Shaun is, he will point to his belly. He is super curious and very smart. It has been fun just watching him figure things out.
He can be very calm or super crazy, but all at the right times! He laughs continuously and I mean super loud belly laughs! Who wouldn't love that?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Grandkids together!

All together!
ShaunHenry, Maria Kathleen, Abby Elizabeth, Anneka Rose and Julia Josephine!
"the girls"

Getting a picture for the Grandparents was easier said than done! But we know they are pleased with the result! It was soooo nice having family here, especially family that we have missed so much! This was their first visit with us and hopefully NOT the last!
The time was spent just being together and I think we all needed that. We all get so caught up in so many things in's hard to be there for the ones we want to be there for the most. We always wish we had more time, which is such a good sign, I think. I sit back now and wish I had said this or done that........Do they really know how nice it was having them in our home? Finally?
Since we live so far away from....anyone, when we have visitors, especially family, to home feels......more like a home. Does that make sense?

Sunday, September 13, 2009


September 2009
We have adjusted! We were put to the test last week with 7 visitors for 4 days! We had a great time with Aunt Kate, Uncle Jason and the girls! Also we were treated to Aunt Alison and Uncle Tim! What a wonderful time we all had together.
With us all spread out, we were fortunate that Alison and Tim flew to NY from CA and WA, they then all drove to Ohio, to meet Shaun and spend some much needed family time with their brother Kevin!
All the girls....Abby, Maria, Anneka and Julia are growing up so fast! They had lots of fun together playing barbie, polly pockets, little pet shop and just full out silliness. Will will be posting more pictures of our time together in the next post.
Alison took a great picture of our family! We just love it and the scenery is just perfect! Thanks, Alison!
Shaun is doing VERY WELL for only being home a month! It seems like he has been here forever!
It is amazing how much change he has excepted over the last few weeks. He is now sleeping through the night, no bottle, no formula and eating mainly finger foods with little help. He is still allowing me to feed him breakfast, which I love to do, so I will until he does not allow me to.
Words,.....are sorta starting to be there..........but he is into pointing at everything. He says Momma, Dadda, Abby and MMMOOOOMMMMMMOOOOaaaaa (what ever that means)
He is doing great and it's hard to look back at my posts from Thailand and remember how distant he was with me. He gives me kisses and blows me kisses at night. We sing, and he loves it! He likes to cuddle and we have already had a few naps on the couch together!
We are just wonderful!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back on-line!!!

We are back!
Here is a nice picture of our kids! The bologna (Abby) and the cheese (Shaun).
We have pictures of Abby in this same spot from every season since we moved to our house......guess we have to do the same with Shaun too!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Computer troubles...............

Ok, so, thank god it didn't happen a month ago.....RIGHT!

Our laptop has stopped working...................weep weep weep......................:(:(:(:(:(

So, if you all are wondering why I haven't posted.................this is why! Hopefully we will get things working again soon.

I hate how we are so dependent on the internet....................................