Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring time in Ohio

As you can see, our grass is starting to look greener! Abby and I have been cleaning out all the flower beds around the yard. It can really be a lot of work. It amazes me how many leaves we still have. Kev and I spent many hours bagging them or burning them last fall.
Today was about 50, not a good day for me to be diggin in dirt. But I did take a peek around the yard and everything looks pretty good for this time of the year. I did a lot of transplanting last year so I have been a bit stressed wondering what --if anything would come back. So far so good! Just waiting on that darn butterfly bush! My clemetis is ready to start taking off, I love my clemetis! I am adding the "Henri " this year to my yard!
The tulips should be lovely in a few weeks! cannot wait.......................come on 70's

Friday, March 27, 2009

Update rumors

I am keeping my fingers crossed all day, this beautiful day! Rumor has it that a package was sent to Holt from Thailand this week and surely it must have our UPDATE in it!

I am not trying to get to anxious, but I am aslo hoping for a referral for Journey to Little M.....I have been biting my nails all week for them. The hardest part is not knowing. After you see that face, you know exactly what your fighting for.
AAAHHHHHH......come on already!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let's do the update dance!

All right.....we're getting desprete!


Now shake your bootie

update to the left......

update to the right.....

We really need an update tonight!

Ok, so I have had a really BAD day so far. Without getting into it, I just wonder what is it with middle-aged woman being so mean? AGGGGHHHH

I need this update today! It would make everything that I do seem worthwhile.........

It has been 66 days since we first found out about Shaun. And it is getting hard.......

At this point with Abby, we were in China and maybe even already home ( I don't have that memorized, bad mommy!)

Monday, March 16, 2009

a little bit of everything!

This is one of my bracelets that I am selling! I have been keeping my fingers busy busy...I will be selling at a local flea market on the weekends until we travel.
Cookies made by Abby and friend at a play date this week. They were so good, their.....gone!

Abby with friend from school, Jayden. What a cutie she is! They had a great time together.

Friday, Abby's school had a special day where you can dress up like your favorite story book character....She chose a ballerina. Her favorite book is "Ballerina's are Beautiful"
(Like the crocs?)

Ahhhhh a wonderful winter sunset! This is the view from our back deck. Abby actually pointed it out to me the other day. She thought it was just beautiful! Makes me crave dinners on the deck and having a fire in the pit!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I cannot watch this enough lately......................wonder why?

Because it was the happiest day of our lives..........that's why!

Recently, my mother in law told me I was just as nervous waiting for Abby, wondering if everything was going to go as planned. Well, I guess I was ---but I don't really remember much before Abby.....

But having this moment to watch when my spirits are down really helps me see what our fight is for. I cried like a baby that day and for a few more....I'll do it all over again! I am not sure if Shaun will come smiling like Abby did, but I'll take a crier, I promise you all I'll be crying too! ( so will Kev!)

Thank you!

We are so lucky to have such nice and supportive friends....
we are now a FACE BOOK Cause
You can visit us there if you have any fabulous ideas for fundraising. We are trying to raise our travel money for late this summer/ early fall to Thailand to bring our little boy home!
Thanks to all our followers..........from 61 Countries! Wow, I never would have thought we'd have over 4,000 hits in just one year! Your support has meant the world to us, even if you don't post! It's nice to know you are all checking up on us! If you are new to our story, you can go back to previous posts, just scroll down, it's on the right side! If anyone out there is curious about adoption, you can check out our Agencies website as well.
Feel free to introduce yourself with a comment. Shaun will love to read all of this someday, I am sure!
We are anxiously waiting for an update on our Lil' Slugger (thanks for the nickname IVY.....I'm surprised that Kev didn't come up with that one!)
Hopefully within the next week or 2 we will have more pictures to share!
Until then, say a prayer for our little boy!