Thursday, February 26, 2009

15 years of wedded bliss!

We celebrated our 15 years of marriage by going out to a Thai dinner! Wow, what great food! We will definitely be enjoying the cuisine while in Bangkok.
It was nice having the day off together and Abby got an extra treat by going to her friend Carolines house for some "Fairy" play! ( THANKS LYNN ) On our way in the house tonight, she said....
"so, guys, ......Happy Anniversary!"
I wonder what year #15 brings. All I know is that by #16, i'd like this adoption to be complete!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

75 baseballs on the walls .....75 baseballs on the wallls...

So we started working on Shaun's room! Since we moved in almost 4 years ago we thought about a little Boy to fill this room. Soon, it will finally happen! This makes it real to me!!!
With Kevin being the baseball fan that he is (go Yankees) I knew he'd like the baseball idea! It was a no cost project that we did together, and although our knees are feeling it, it came out great! This boy better like base ball!
I really like our color choices in this room. It makes the 10X10 look so much bigger and it is so calming! Every time I step foot into it I exhale and just feel better!
What do you think?
We're pretty talented aren't we?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Bottle Fundraising!

This week we started our "baby bottle" fundraiser for our trip to Thailand. Did you know you can send a baby bottle in the mail? Well, pretty much everyone we know an address for will be getting one this week or next. We have little time to come up with all the money needed to bring Shaun home, so we are thinking creatively!
Our hope are for friends and family members to take some time and fill them with spare change. Once it is full it can be sent back to us (with the coins transferred to bills). We know that we have so much support to bring Shaun home, and we hope people will spread our prayer to have the money needed to do so. We have a few other things going on as well. A friend is donating money from her Avon business and we plan on having a Guest Griller at Kevins place in late spring. I am hoping to have a table at the local flea market to sell my jewelry on my free weekends. And having a HUGE garage Sale. My new motto..........."if we don't use it, we don't need it!"
We have had MANY doors close on our Journey to our son. Once upon a time we thought he was in Mongolia and we rushed through the paperwork and costs with hopes that our son would be home soon. In the beginning of 2008 we had to fight the battle to find our son. The additional costs in Changing Countries meant nothing to us if it meant a son for us, a brother for Abby, and another amazing adoption.
So now, we see his little face, dream of his laughter, wonder how his little soul will change our lives forever. I want nothing more than to hold him, feel him and be his Mommy forever and ever. I know Kevin is very anxious. We both know that once we have him, we will be the complete family of our dreams.
And we will know it was all worth it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's play baby!

So, for about a week now, Abby has been dragging "baby Sally" around with her. Feeding her, giving her a nap, changing her into Jammies at night etc...... nothing unusual for a little girl expecting a baby into the family soon...............right?

Well, yesterday she started with the "let's play adopt a baby". Oh---------Kay........

So, she sets up her computer laptop on a small table with a stool for herself. She has her babies lined up in between chairs out of sight. She says, "sit down" (on the floor) and "what kind of baby would you like?" "we have mostly girls but just one boy" -----Very professional for a 5 year old!

I tell her I am a new Mommy, I would like a girl...............then she just flings one my way!(literally)...... I ask if she needs anything from me and she says..................."just your credit card"

At this point I am wondering, " What have we done to this child.................."

I then ask again, "do you need anything else" and she just looked at me weird. I told her that "I needed to promise to be her Mommy forever and to love and care for her".....

She said.....................OH-yeah, that too........

I asked her if she knew anything about my baby, she said it was half Thai, half Chinese.....and a girl.


Then we switched, did it all over again. But my version....

For a while she has been telling us she is going to adopt 6 children. 5 girls from China and a boy from Thailand. She even has names for them all. I would not be surprised if Miss Abby Liz runs her own agency someday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A picture found on Google of Thailand homes. They look lovely!
Looks like the type of place i'd feel so calm..............................not a ripple in the water.
..............cannot wait to get there!
I don't remember relaxing much in China. I don't remember seeing anything this peaceful there either. In China, I was a mess, at least I think so.......
I hope I have learned to relax a bit more when control is not mine. I keep thinking about leaving Guangzhou with Abby,........ total confusion. Not speaking the language and just wanting to get our daughter home. It was a nightmare and my poor husband was a trooper. I hope to not be so easily agitated this time. So, I am saving this picture, it will be my peace of mind. Through all of this craziness of waiting even more to hear about travel, I will look at this photo and just breathe...............we will get there, we will bring our son home.
When we do get there, it will be Abby's picture that will give me peace. I already know I am going to miss her so much. I will probably buy her everything I can fit in the suit case I plan on buying while we are there......................hee hee!

Finally some snow!

Just a few pictures of our snow (and ice)! Abby was so thrilled to finally see the snow was enough to cover the grass! Unfortunately it is not good packing snow-it's just too cold.
All in all we got about 6 -8 inches, then about an inch of ice, then another 4-6 inches of snow. No school since last Monday, and even that was an hour delay and our Chinese New Year party. It's been a crazy week of keeping a 5 year old busy................I had to re-stock our construction paper yesterday, if that tells you anything.
Dad left for a trip today, so it's just us girls for a bit. Up to 45 degrees today! Like a heat wave...............