Saturday, August 21, 2010

Over a year!

Over a year!
It's seems like forever, already! Our little man has made so much progress in the short time he has been with his family. He is such a fun, always smiling little guy with the best personality! He fits right in and we love him to pieces! As with his older sister, we could not imagine having him in our matter what challenges we had!

Shaun is now talking...putting 2 to 3 words together! It is amazing how fast this started, just a month ago! He is able to communicate so much more, without getting upset or mad. He is polite and just very sweet in his talking! He knows when to say please and thank you....what more could we ask for?
He sleeps very well! He averages about 11 hours a night and is still taking a 2 hour nap daily....if our schedule allows! He has enjoyed his summer with his sister and friends. He loves the pool and is very content with a bucket and a cup by the side. He has started to play with the older neighborhood kids and is just thrilled when he gets their attention. He has started taking interest in the potty...yup, at 28 months! We are not forcing, but allow him to make the call. Last week, it was 3 days in a row...saving a lot of diapers!

He is a momma's boy...if you can believe it! From where we started, I am shocked myself! We cuddle and spend lots of time talking, coloring and building with blocks. I get lots of kisses and that is just fine by me!