Monday, January 26, 2009

time flies..............

Abigail, Cloe, Caroline, Lily and AbbyLiz 2007

What would a New Year be with out a friend?
Caroline and AbbyLiz...........always a party!

Before I know it, she'll be off to college............this was two years ago.
I look at these and think "she looks like such a baby". I miss the baby in her sometimes.
I am so proud to celebrate this Holiday. It is part of the magic Abby brought to our family. She is learning more and more about the Holiday. We had a great home made Chinese meal for dinner tonight and it was fun, she just loves her "soy-el" sauce!
Just looking back on memory lane a bit...............thought I'd share it!

Happy Chinese New Year!

AbbyLiz and Carloine..............hugs for the new year!
As you can see our group has grown!
Starting on the left.....
AbbyLiz, Caroline, Christa, Cait, Lily, Abigail, Izzy and Cloe!

Now add the big kids,............well, it's a lot of kids!

Trying to get a good photo for our CNY card this year.....

We never did do a card, but this picture came out nice!
She is such a poser!
(notice her photo button, she has been wearing it everyday, showing off her little brother.
We had a wonderful time celebrating with our friends. They really have become more of a family since we have been parents. It wouldn't be the same without them!
As always we had a great Chinese dinner, lots of laughs and time together. Us Moms see each other once in a while, but the Dads.......................about twice a year. CNY and Gotcha day. It is always nice seeing everyone at once.
The girls had a blast as always. Who wouldn't have fun eating anything and everything, seeing all your best friends, having a huge basement to play (while the parents kept to themselves up stairs)and then....................everyone gives you money and candy!
To our surprise, Shaun Henry was there too! Our friends posted a large picture of him in the kitchen and everytime I looked up, he was there. What a nice thing that was. I can only imagine what this little one will think amongst all the girls next year for the Holiday.
Many happy days for you and yours, in the new year!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Easy bake oven, done like a pro!

These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when Abby was still off from school. Her Godmother gave her an easy bake for Christmas! We had a great evening together baking her cake. She did so good! It is amazing what you can cook with a 100 w light bulb! Her first was a yellow cake with Chocolate frosting. Since then we have made chocolate cake, sugar cookies and another yellow cake. What fun! I do not remember actually having this toy as a girl, but it was fun at my age too! Abby was very worried about making a mess, finally I just through some flour around the kitchen and told her to chill!
Like I said, this was just a few weeks ago. Boy, have things changed! We now have a boy too! My mind is wondering all over the place, which is normal.............I know. Suddenly this adoption is feeling a lot like the first one did. I am soo anxious to bring our boy home and be a happy family of 4. Abby has been such a trooper through all of this, I don't want her to have to wait any longer. Adoption has taught me patience, unfortunately it is teaching her patience as well (at a young age). She has such a great spirit. She talks about him everyday, says a prayer for him to be safe every night. I cannot wait for her to meet him. Her wish will come true, as mine did almost 5 years ago when I met her. She has changed our lives in so many positive ways. I hope her brother is all she hopes for. She already loves him so much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words and wishes! We are still a bit in Shock!
We have a while to go so your support is still needed. Please keep up with us from Time to Time. This blog has been wonderful in sharing our story.
Isn't he beautiful!

Kathleen, Kevin and AbbyLiz

Monday, January 12, 2009

Our beautiful boy!!!!!

Introducing...........our son! Shaun Henry!!!
I cannot explain the cloud I am on right now, it is more like disbelief.........somebody pinch me!
At 2pm today I had just arrived home form getting groceries when I looked at my cell phone to see if it needed to be charged. Well, to my surprise, a messege from HOLT!!! So I put the groceries away while Kev got on the phone. Thinking that we just needed to update something......... Kevin asked for Suzie and after saying Hello, he said "REALLY". I knew just by looking at him that this was not a call about paperwork adjustments, this was THE CALL. I listened in stillness and watched my husband try to take in what she was saying..........then he said 9 months...............OH MY GOOODNESS! IT IS THE CALL............
We really did not expect this now, but are thrilled. Abby has a baby brother, we have our son! He is living with a foster family near Bangkok Thailand and was born on April 6th (Aunt sharon and cousin Anneka's birthdays!) He was released on June 26th (the day we left for China in 2004) by his birthmother. He lived with his Maternal grandmother for his first 2 months.
As you can see from the pictures taken on August 28th that he looks great! Happy and healthy. He does have a few minor skin irritations that we don't feel will be a major issue in the future.
He looks great to us, we love him already!
So............this is what this blog is about! Our family Journey to Shaun! It feels like it is just the beginning.