Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's been a while......been busy with 2 kids!

Well, it's been a while since our last post.....I am awfully embarrassed to see how long it has been. (since Nov.?)

Honestly, life is a bit busier with a now 2 year old Shaun and 1st grader Abbyliz! The kids have been wonderful and really enjoy each others company. I could not ask for 2 better kids. They make me laugh more than I ever have. Each day is filled with something new and I try to soak up as much as I can daily. We are a super happy family of four ! What more could we ask for <3

We had a sick house on Christmas, Shaun and Mommy had the flu which was horrible.... but we made it through! It helped Shaun and I bond a bit more since we spent many, many evening on the couch watching Bob the Builder together. I can say he is now a "mommy's boy", which I love!

Mid-January I dropped a coffee table on my foot which caused 2 breaks and 4 fractures, it took so much of my energy just to get around after that, wearing a boot to my knee and feeling pain when ever I stepped on it. I am out of the boot now, but still have considerable pain when I am on my feet to long. I have found that I am a slow healer....

We again celebrated CNY with our friends, it was so nice having Shaun with us this year! I remember thinking the year before how wonderful it would be, and was! He loves Abby's friends and get all the attention! Who wouldn't? right!

Shaun turned 2 on April 6th with a small party! He loved his chocolate cupcakes and having friends over to play. He has fit right in well as everywhere we take him. His wheels are spinning all the time and people comment to me about how fast he is......even with his short little legs! He is almost 25 pounds now and seems to be getting bigger everyday! He is a sweet boy who can be very intense ...but has done real well with clear boundaries.

I will post more pictures soon! But this one from Easter is my favorite. Gotta love those smiles!